So, it is time to finally tell the story…

I’ve been waiting a long time to tell the story that no one in the story can ever tell until the story is over…  I was talking with my friend Paul Deach about blogging and content last night, and we were discussing that difficulties for councillors to learn to blog, because to say something on a blog you have to have something to say…  Well that’s not ever been a problem for either him or me, but I’ve had something waiting to be said for a very long time, and it’s the story of parental alienation.  It is the story of what many psychologists are now calling the most devastating and insidious form of child abuse going.

Parental alienation is a pretty straightforward concept to understand, it is where one parent engages in any and every form of destruction of the other parent (verbal, physical, and every other way possible) to the child or children with the aim of using that to either extort money or some other bit of collateral from the other parent.  Most of the time it is women doing it against men, but occasionally it goes the other way.  Most of the spousal physical abuse in the world we live in is from out-of-control & bad-tempered men onto women. it has reached the point now here in the United Kingdom, where a woman just has to pick up the phone and say the word abuse, and there will be a parade of police cars there in moments.  Parental Alienators are child abusers, and those who assist them assist child abuse, and in the case of Social Services here, they promote it…

My experience is that you were for the most part guilty until you could prove yourself innocent. In the 5 years of the horror, and the dozens of incidents, she finally got tossed in the drunk tank for a weekend, but other than that, if you are a woman in the UK, you have carte blanche to do what you want.  I remember joking with my friends that the police would only actually pay attention if, after hacking my arm off with a butcher knife, I was holding the severed arm, had video taped it, had her sign a permission to video it, and made 4 copies of the video for them.  Then they would do something, but nothing short of that…

In the UK, there is no downside if you are a woman.  My ex-wife, Meg Allen flagrantly broke 52 separate court orders with complete impunity.  And that was not just any court, it was the High Court.  In court you always get all this blah blah blah about how serious the court orders are, the whole thing is a joke…

After reading the shocking stories of child abuse permitted and promoted by Social Services in Oxford, I decided that enough is enough…  Anyway, the Surrey story begins…

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