Political Parties, Where?

It is now very clear that there is almost no such thing as a political party anymore.  In the recent Surrey Heath elections for the Surrey County Council Seats, UKIP polled more than all the Labour and Lib Dem people added together, in fact they got a total of 5,219 votes.  How many of them are card-carrying members of the UKIP party?  About 10…  Really???  Yes, about 10…  Why?  Because they don’t need a whole pile of certified card-carrying party members to have the identity they have.  Political identity in the UK has always been determined (except when Maggie was about) by how much you spent and what you spent it on…

The comical thing to watch right now is the people in the Central Government thrashing around trying to offer quick fixes like a referendum on Europe, or shutting down immigration, or shutting down the gay marriage bill in parliament.  Do they actually think that will build an identity? Just saying no to lots of things will not build an identity.  Showing the voters that we know how to “knee jerk” with the best of them does nothing but shake their confidence in what we actually stand for…

The reason Ed Milliband is struggling so hard to carve out an identity for Labour is that there is no identity for him to carve out that does not involve spending loads more money that we already don’t have…  So, how do you engage and build an identity when you can’t spend your way into it?  You have to forge that identity one voter at a time.  And how do you do that?  You use the tools right in front of you: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, HootSuite, and Blogging.

The next winners in the elections are going to be the people and the party that has an identity.  Want to build that identity, call or write me or Paul Deach, or go to www.smexpertise.com.

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