Slag Off Richey Wants To Have A Go?

So apparently little slag off sister Richey wants to sue my mate Deachy for pointing out to the general public the specifics of why he is full of nothing but hot air… The malodorous flatulation of this arrogant little Napoleon wannabe is quite extraordinary. His shocking disrespect of the minute of silence for Maggie 2 weeks ago took him down to new levels of disrespect. His lefty compatriots openly disagree with us on a lot of things, but they don’t generally completely disrespect us just for being us…

As he is now totally out of this election, he needs to join the Cockroach in returning to Berkshire, at least they can play together where they might not be recognised for what they are. So Richey, you really want to take legal against Deachy??? I’d relish that, I’d represent him for free… Did you not pay attention to what I did to you, the Cockroach and the Council in the High Court??? You either have a shockingly short attention span or you are even more stupid than I realised…

So grow up and go away…

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