Take another look at yourselves America…

Yet another week passes where the American Senate (their upper house) loses the will to live, actually the will to stand up to the gun lobby…  And yet another week passes where some kid takes a gun and slaughters innocent people. Great week not to be known as an American…  Interesting to watch the Boston Police take credit for such great police work in grabbing the 19 year old kid last night…

Success? Hardly…  So they search all the homes in the middle class working town of Watertown, and after they are done searching the very neighbourhood where the kid is holed up, they declare it safe.  Then a few minutes later some guy walks outside and notices the trail of blood going down his drive to his boat in the back garden, where he lifts the lid on the boat and finds the poor bleeding kid in his boat. And then, even with all the firepower on show this still precipitates a 1 hour shootout to get him in…  So, how did the Boston Police miss this???  What we have seen on the news in the last 48 hours in Boston is more firepower than most countries, and for what? To be outgunned by a couple of untrained amateur teenage terrorists???

So, these two kids blow up a bunch of people right in the open at the Boston Marathon with no attempt to hide themselves, drive openly around the Boston area, rob a store, kill another cop at MIT, get in a high speed chase, chuck live bombs at the pursuing officers, and still  the 19 year old gets away???  As Janet said to me this morning, where was Jack Bauer???  Out of the thousands of cops and their hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, where was the one guy who might have done something?  Oh that’s right, he was busy lobbying to stop any gun control in the US.  I just want to ask my countrymen: don’t you get it?  The King has no clothes…

Could we find even one American Senator who has any balls whatsoever?  At the entrance to the Senate they don’t need to bother with a metal detector, they need a scrotum checker…  No balls, no go…

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