Starting The Day With A Moment Of Silence…

I’d hope we could all start the day with a moment of silence for the 3 people killed and 100+ people injured yesterday at the Boston Marathon. I grew up not far from there…  Sporting events should be sacred safety zones for these insane terrorists, but nothing is out of reach for them.  By now we will all have seen the video clips of the actual explosions, although so far we have been spared viewing the loss of life and the dozens of limbs ripped off from the incredibly innocent people cheering on their friends to the finish.

This cowardly act of terrorism was particularly putrid, in that these animals targeted the “normal people” that run in these things.  There were 23,000 people out there. The winners run it in just over 2 hours.  At the 4 hour mark, all the “real runners” had long since finished… This was all the recreational runners who were just there to run through the real streets of Boston to say they did.  Normal people, family people, people just trying to reach a personal goal… Our society needs prayer for the normal people, God bless them…

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