Slag Off Sister Richey Hopes You Won’t Notice…

That short little guy we all know as Slag Off Richey is really hoping you won’t notice his campaign lies about the dozens of libraries closing (and the rest of his blah blah blah)…  Why? Because they’re not…  Hours of operation changing? Probably…  Some being staffed by volunteers? Probably…  But somehow we have managed to protect all 52 libraries in Surrey.  Ask him the last time he went in a library in Surrey???

Why does Richey so prolifically need to scream out his short man syndrome fallacies?  Does he not know he’s embarrassing himself and the rest of the lefties???  The Urban Dictionary defines the short man syndrome as: “An angry male of below average height who feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition from others and compensate for his abnormally short stature.” Richey has acquired the Slag Off Sister reputation by just indiscriminately slagging off anything Tory, just because he can…  So, Richey, slag this off, tell us all how you would personally make the remotest modicum of difference at Surrey County Council…  Go on, tell us, we’re all listening…

The Conservative led Surrey County Council is:

1. Investing £100m in Highways to carry out essential repairs and resurfacing
2. Investing £261m to provide 12,000 additional school places
3. Investing £10m to raise standards of educational attainment at all Surrey Schools
4. Supporting elderly people to enable them to remain in their homes longer
5. Creating 500 apprenticeships for young people
6. Investing £1m to support the Community Improvement Fund
7. Investing £20m to enable all residents and local businesses to have Superfast Broadband
8. Protecting all 52 public libraries in Surrey
9. Delivering a highly successful winter road maintenance programme
10. Saving £279m by 2016 through value for money and efficiency initiatives

2 Replies to “Slag Off Sister Richey Hopes You Won’t Notice…”

  1. Great post! His lies on libraries are nothing compared the lies, mis-information and vitriol he spouts about the NHS, especially the doctors in Windlesham! Its not just Tories he slags off, anyone seems fair game to him.


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