Bringing National Issues into Local Campaigns???

It is really interesting to see that so many of the local opposition candidates, be they Labour or LibDem or Independent are trying to crash into the public conscience with irrelevant “national issue” drivel regarding the current county council elections.  And how so many want to misquote facts to try to make a point…  The real problem is that whatever programmes the opposition now want to come up with cost money, more money than we are spending now.  So, you ask, what’s the problem with that?  Well, pretty simple, there is none… So, get a grip girls, give us a proposal that won’t further bankrupt us…

Shocking news in the national press today about this Philpot bloke who fathered dozens of kids (that we know of), and when they got too numerous, he burned down the house where 5 of them were so that he could collect the insurance payment and start over with more shagging and more kids.  Hell isn’t hot enough for people like this…  And where did this come from?  From the previous government’s Labour led welfare programme, that’s where.  As they say, when you do the wrong things you will get wrong results, every time…  The even more shocking problem is that it has taken 2 years to bring these people to justice.

And now we’ve seen the current Labour manifesto about Surrey County Council clearly authored by the duck and some of the Labour national hacks. They have a go at the SCC leadership for the Farnham Castle “away day”, which I thought was dead wrong as well.  But in having a go, they get the facts all wrong.  And then try to justify it with letters saying that the principal is the same.  Well, lies don’t ever make it right, so ducky, time to tell the people you got it wrong, print and distribute the truth…  Otherwise you are just part of the same-old-same-old politics-as-usual…

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