Public Speaking at Council Meetings

I was recently asked about Public Speaking at Council Meetings, here is the policy from the website:

Any person residing or working in the Borough may ask a question at meetings of the Council. In addition, recognised and formally constituted public groups and bodies, previously registered with the Borough Secretary and Solicitor, may ask a question.
A period of 15 minutes will be set aside near the beginning of the meeting for questions to be put. You can ask any question as long as it is relevant to some matter over which the Council has powers or duties or which specifically affects the area of the Council or part of it or its inhabitants. It may not, however, relate to a planning application, other planning or licensing matters, personal cases or confidential matters. You may ask one question only. However, you may also ask a supplementary question provided it is relevant to the original question and does not introduce a new subject matter.
The Chairman of the relevant committee will either answer the question orally at that time or will agree to send you a written answer within 7 days.
To register your wish to ask a question you will need to submit the question in writing to the Head of Corporate Governance at least 3 clear working days before the meeting (that is, not counting the day of the meeting). Meetings of the Council are held on a Wednesday so you will need to submit the question by 5 p.m. on the preceding Thursday.
To register a public group or body with the Council an application form can be obtained from the Democratic Services at the Council, on 01276 707335 or e-mail To be registered the organisation will need to be a properly constituted body.

Presenting Petitions at Council

Presenting petitions at Council will be conducted in accordance with the petitions scheme as set out in Part 4 Section L of the Constitution.

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