The First Day Out on the Campaign Trail…

So, opening day on the campaign trail (for me anyway), opening day of the baseball season, April fool’s day, it’s all happening today…  Me and Darryl spent the afternoon talking to voters in the St. Michaels ward in Camberley.  Forgot just how much fun it is to be able to go to the doors of innocent voters and ask them what they think about the candidates for County Council.

So, need to remember lesson one: don’t canvass when Liverpool are playing anyone.  The attention span of the voters in the area where we were when the football is on is measured in nan0-seconds.

About half way into our project, discovered lesson number two: don’t bring any Trinidadian out canvassing when the temperature falls below zero.  I thought I was going to lose my mate Darryl, but fortunately he survived.  I did notice that a lot more people invited him in probably because they felt sorry for him.  Me?  The big Yank? No chance…  So, hoping that we don’t’ need to learn any more lessons the rest of this week…

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