“Man of the Match”, Ian Sams

Last night at the SHBC Planning Meeting, the “man of the match” was clearly Ian Sams, councillor for Frimley, where I live…  I got into politics to right some of the wrongs that were becoming more obvious by the day in Frimley, 3 years ago.  Like many others, I was tired of seeing what we perceived to be the inaction by the Council shredding our little village and way of life.  The list of problems is too long to waste any time on, and both myself and some of my colleagues, the “new boys (and girls)” have tackled many of the issues with the social media “big guns”, and pure activism.  Sometimes successfully, sometimes not…

Well, Ian has been a Councillor longer than half of his voters have been alive.  And like most, we discount anything the “old dogs” say as just the blah blah blah of the status quo.  So, last week when Paul Deach and I (and Katia Malcaus) did the Social Media seminar, who should be there but Ian Sams…  Ian???  We didn’t think he could even do email, much less the rest, and has he ever proven us wrong…  Last night he was not some “back room” politician, he made the full case for the residents of Frimley vs. the big development that Kier is trying to put through on Lyon Way.  He was passionate, animated, and very forceful.  And in the end, he won the day for the residents.  The matter has been delayed a month to hear from the County Highways people.  More on that later, but for today, call him, email him, tweet him and tell him well done…

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