Why I voted as I did, Full Council Meeting 28/2/2103

Why I voted as I did

Full Council Meeting 28/2/2103

Council Tax and Budget 2013/14

To approve the Council’s Budget and Council Tax for the Financial Year 2013, what we know:

  • Funding was reduced by the central govt. by £500K last year and £350K this year
  • Have reduced overheads by 20%
  • We have frozen it for 2 years, we have little choice on this
  • Recommendation by Council management is to raise it by 1.9%
  • Opposition does not believe that it will make any difference, but wanted to object to some of the specific expenses
  • Myself and my Lib Dem colleague Alan Whitart voted to go with the council recommendation of a 1.9% rise, matter was approved by margin of 33-2

Unfortunately, even though we as a council have done a great deal to lower our cost base, it is not possible to, as Deputy Leader Brooks said, “you cannot square the circle” any further without raising taxes.  As a council tax payer both personally and in our business, no one hates paying these more than me.  However, seeing from the “inside”, I have to agree that we have to do this.

Setting of Council Tax for 2013/14

To consider and to determine the statutory calculations required in respect of Council Tax and to set the Council Tax for each band for each part of the Borough for the financial year commencing on 1 April 2013 and terminating on 31 March 2014.

This was a formality based on the matter above it.

Social Media Use in the Council

  • Unlimited use in all meetings except:
  • Planning and Licensing, there will be no social media use, but devices will be allowed for reference on a personal and as needed basis
  • Agreed by all, with caveat of concern on the qualification of certain parts of the meetings

Provided Car Scheme

RECOMMENDED that, subject to the following amendments, the Council’s proposed car user policy and the compensation rates for non-eligible staff, as attached at Annex A to the Executive agenda report, be approved:

(i) the introduction of one mileage rate fixed at the HMRC approved rate, currently 45p; and

(ii) the use of the vehicle be restricted to the employee and their partner, or only with express permission of the Executive Head of Finance, to another family member living with the employee

  • In line with the central government recommendations, so approved.


Divisional Voting boundaries

Changes in the population base, as follows:

  • To move 642 properties (867 electors) in the Ansells area from Camberley West to Frimley Green and Mytchett
  • To move 381 properties (819 electors) on Wellington Park from Camberley East to Heatherside and Parkside


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