Tell Me This Hurley Bloke Is Not For Real…

So, the newly elected PCC Kevin Hurley has started out with a real bang.  Here’s the interview that came out with him this afternoon:

For some reason he feels the need to sum up his views on the job of policing in Surrey to rhyme with a Frank Sinatra song.  Clearly Kevin doesn’t know a couple things: first, Sinatra was one of the biggest mobsters in US history, and second he is accountable to the people and needs to understand that he was hired to do the job their way, not his way…  So, what have we learned so far from the interview of this Troglodyte:

  1. Surrey Police should be abolished
  2. Part of its funding should be spent on building more prisons
  3. Ethnic diversity in the police is unnecessary
  4. The police should not refer a victim for counselling until after they have given their evidence, even if that takes years
  5. The police, under him, is going to take a zero tolerance approach to the job, how very 1980’s. Thankfully he then clarified it by telling us “It doesn’t mean lock people up forever, flog them or hang them”.  Ok, so flogging and hanging are out…
  6. He has appointed his friend Jeff Harris, no need for any consideration of anyone else, “he knows what is best of us”, wouldn’t want any non-Troglodytes…
  7. He knows that for career criminals, prison works, really???  He needs to get out of Windelsham or read the papers…
  8. He said a senior Asian policewoman was most likely to be an “under-achiever”
  9. He’s decided that people with an African background are not keen to join the police because they come from countries where the police are tainted by working for dictators
  10. And one of my personal favourites:  “I want to liberate the police from the constraints of the many targets they have to meet”

I’m so inspired by this guy I can hardly take it, and I am sure that all the troops on the street will be equally inspired, especially the ones with Asian and African backgrounds…  Are we sure we can’t have an election “do over”???  Save that, can someone tell this dinosaur that it is 2013, not 1983???

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