Surrey County Council: News Gets Worse By The Day

So, the messes with Surrey Council Council just get worse by the day… This just off the the wires from my friend Paul Deach:

It’s time for some real people who really care about the residents of Surrey to take over from these idiots. So whilst Povey and Hodge duel it out for who can be the biggest slag off sister, Surrey comes apart at the seams. There is no explaining:

1-Wasting more than £10K of our money on “away day junkets” on our hard earned taxpayer money. And then having the unmitigated gall to raise our taxes…
2-Allowing this poor woman in Banstead to die at the hands of Surrey Social Services because of sheer incompetence. Why are they not held to account for this poor helpless woman’s death??? How can this be??? Who is resigning over this??? I am sure it will be some hapless bureaucrat who had nothing to do with it…
3-Allowing and empowering Surrey Social Services to drive the alienation of children against their fathers? For those of you not familiar with it, it is called Parental Alienation, it is now called the most insidious form of child abuse going. I can tell you all about it first hand
4-Allowing and empowering Surrey Social Services to break apart families just to show they can. A good friend is battling them in court this morning because they want to show him they can. If I were able to go into it you would be too disgusted for words with them…

In August 2008 Surrey Social Services was taken over by the Central Government, because it was failing miserably. And since then? It has gotten nothing but worse… Sorry Povey/Hodge and the rest of you, too late to blame it on anyone else, you have had almost 5 years to fix it. At least before, old ladies weren’t dying on us… Time to “Man-Up” as they say in the land of the Yank, and take some responsibility here…

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