At the Mobile Marketing Association Agency Briefing

So, I spent half the day at the Mobile Marketing Association Agency Briefing in London, learned some interesting things that are worth sharing from the talk by Bruce Daisley from Twitter:

  1. The power of twitter comes from the tweets
  2. At any time they have 10M users tweeting, 80% of them do it by phone
  3. Their mantra is: On the sofa, On the move, In the moment
  4. Google found that whilst watching TV,  70% of people are doing something else (usually tweeting)
  5. Twitter is a real time heart monitor of what people are thinking, the hashtags (#s) are channels

Also heard from Skype and the BBC, but thought I would share these points…  With this as a background, how can our councillors not be on Twitter???  Answer is, they can’t…

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