Another Surrey County Council Doozey: Creating a Back-seat generation…

Did they come up with this on the “schools” section of the “away day” at the Farnham Castle???


mother taxi

How have we got to the point where a school in Surrey refuses to allow children to walk or cycle to school?

By ; 7:54PM GMT 22 Feb 2013
A school in rural Surrey has declared that from September it will be “driving only”. By this it means that children will be banned from walking or cycling to school even if accompanied by a parent. The father of one pupil at North Downs primary school commented: “It would be a national scandal if a school situated within view of the 2012 Box Hill Olympic cycling race introduced a policy that forces pupils into cars.” Surrey County Council is willing to pay for taxis if needed. No wonder that, as we report today, Surrey devoted £23.5 million last year to taxis for schoolchildren. The national total spent by councils is thought to be £700 million a year.

How has it happened? Every morning during term time the roads are jammed with harried parents, hurrying from breakfast to work and delivering children to the school gates as if they were delicate orchids wrapped in cellophane. Parents would like their children to have more exercise, more fresh air, be less prone to getting podgy, be more self-reliant. Instead they depend on wheels as much as Daleks and become no more self-reliant than Tamagotchis.

What would Wordsworth have become without walking on the fells, skating, boating, climbing trees and riding? Not a poet, at any rate. We have allowed a very large cultural shift to swaddle up our children and turn parents into chauffeurs – except when a taxi calls at the door, paid for by the council tax.


Full Council Agenda 28th Feb, let me know what you think…

So, here’s the Full Council Agenda 28th Feb, let me know what you think… In several laces there are reports that will be referenced, you will have to go to the council web site if you want to pull them down:

1. Minutes: To approve as a correct record, the minutes of the meetings of the Council held on 5 December 2012 and 22 January 2013.

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Mayor’s Announcements

4. Leader’s Announcements

5. Declarations of Interest: Members are invited to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and nonpecuniary interests they may have with respect to matters which are to be considered at this meeting.

6. Questions from Members of the Public: To answer questions, if any, received under Council Procedure Rule 10 (Paragraph 3 of the Public Speaking Procedure Rules)

7. Questions from Councillors: To deal with questions, if any, received under Council Procedure Rule 11.

8. Council Tax and Budget 2013/14: To approve the Council’s Budget and Council Tax for the Financial Year 2013/14 – report attached.

9. Setting of Council Tax for 2013/14: To consider and to determine the statutory calculations required in respect of Council Tax and to set the Council Tax for each band for each part of the Borough for the financial year commencing on 1 April 2013 and terminating on 31 March 2014 – report attached.

10. Executive, Committees and Other Bodies: To receive the open minutes of the following bodies (minutes reproduced in the attached Minute Book), to answer questions (if any) in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 11.5 and to consider the recommendations as set out on the attachments

11. Governance Working Group: To consider the report of the Executive Head of Corporate in relation to the recommendations of the Governance Working Group – report attached.

12. Provided Car Scheme: To consider the report of the Head of Human Resources in relation to the adoption of a revised Provided Car Scheme – report attached.

13. County Divisional Boundaries – Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places: To consider the report of the Electoral Registration Officer following changes to County Divisional Boundaries

14. Statutory Officers: To consider the attached report relating to the appointment of Statutory Officers

15. Portfolio Holder’s Question Time: The Transformation Portfolio Holder, Councillor Colin Dougan to answer questions on issues relating to his areas of responsibility (Areas of Responsibility of the Transformation Portfolio are attached).

Hidden Gem: Great Restaurant in Paris (6th Arondissment)

If, like us, you like to find cool little places to eat in places like Paris, then you appreciate it when friends pass on a tip or two…  So, we were staying in the 6th Arrondissement, last weekend, close to Odeon. And on this little back street, rue Casimir Delavigne, there is this great little place called Le Petit Casimir.

rue Casimir restaurant

Only about a dozen tables, and the owner Gerard is incredibly friendly and unpretentious…  Paris is built on pretence, so it find such a warm friendly place is awesome… Here’s the details, check it out if you are anywhere near St. Germain…

La Cambuse

8, rue Casimir Delavigne, Paris, France (Luxembourg)
I lost the phone, will post if I find it…

Tell Me This Hurley Bloke Is Not For Real…

So, the newly elected PCC Kevin Hurley has started out with a real bang.  Here’s the interview that came out with him this afternoon:

For some reason he feels the need to sum up his views on the job of policing in Surrey to rhyme with a Frank Sinatra song.  Clearly Kevin doesn’t know a couple things: first, Sinatra was one of the biggest mobsters in US history, and second he is accountable to the people and needs to understand that he was hired to do the job their way, not his way…  So, what have we learned so far from the interview of this Troglodyte:

  1. Surrey Police should be abolished
  2. Part of its funding should be spent on building more prisons
  3. Ethnic diversity in the police is unnecessary
  4. The police should not refer a victim for counselling until after they have given their evidence, even if that takes years
  5. The police, under him, is going to take a zero tolerance approach to the job, how very 1980’s. Thankfully he then clarified it by telling us “It doesn’t mean lock people up forever, flog them or hang them”.  Ok, so flogging and hanging are out…
  6. He has appointed his friend Jeff Harris, no need for any consideration of anyone else, “he knows what is best of us”, wouldn’t want any non-Troglodytes…
  7. He knows that for career criminals, prison works, really???  He needs to get out of Windelsham or read the papers…
  8. He said a senior Asian policewoman was most likely to be an “under-achiever”
  9. He’s decided that people with an African background are not keen to join the police because they come from countries where the police are tainted by working for dictators
  10. And one of my personal favourites:  “I want to liberate the police from the constraints of the many targets they have to meet”

I’m so inspired by this guy I can hardly take it, and I am sure that all the troops on the street will be equally inspired, especially the ones with Asian and African backgrounds…  Are we sure we can’t have an election “do over”???  Save that, can someone tell this dinosaur that it is 2013, not 1983???

Surrey County Council: News Gets Worse By The Day

So, the messes with Surrey Council Council just get worse by the day… This just off the the wires from my friend Paul Deach:

It’s time for some real people who really care about the residents of Surrey to take over from these idiots. So whilst Povey and Hodge duel it out for who can be the biggest slag off sister, Surrey comes apart at the seams. There is no explaining:

1-Wasting more than £10K of our money on “away day junkets” on our hard earned taxpayer money. And then having the unmitigated gall to raise our taxes…
2-Allowing this poor woman in Banstead to die at the hands of Surrey Social Services because of sheer incompetence. Why are they not held to account for this poor helpless woman’s death??? How can this be??? Who is resigning over this??? I am sure it will be some hapless bureaucrat who had nothing to do with it…
3-Allowing and empowering Surrey Social Services to drive the alienation of children against their fathers? For those of you not familiar with it, it is called Parental Alienation, it is now called the most insidious form of child abuse going. I can tell you all about it first hand
4-Allowing and empowering Surrey Social Services to break apart families just to show they can. A good friend is battling them in court this morning because they want to show him they can. If I were able to go into it you would be too disgusted for words with them…

In August 2008 Surrey Social Services was taken over by the Central Government, because it was failing miserably. And since then? It has gotten nothing but worse… Sorry Povey/Hodge and the rest of you, too late to blame it on anyone else, you have had almost 5 years to fix it. At least before, old ladies weren’t dying on us… Time to “Man-Up” as they say in the land of the Yank, and take some responsibility here…