Gay Marriage Part Deux

So, the whole issue seems to be irrelevantly spinning out of control.  In my previous blog on the subject, I was surprised at the way it was being handled and publicised.  As I mentioned last time, I have more than a small bit of experience in this matter.  I’m married to my High School sweetheart from when we were growing up in the 70’s in America.  Unfortunately we didn’t marry then, but went our separate ways.  We all hung out with a big group of friends, and Janet married one of our group.  27 years into  it he announced he was gay, and that was that.  For all the obvious reasons, if you are a woman, there isn’t much you can do with that…

I’m Catholic/Protestant and Janet is Protestant, so most Sundays we get more “church” than most of the families on our street put together.  There is no question how the two branches of the “church” feel about homosexuality…   For most of my life, I have subscribed quite closely to the views of both churches.  But last summer I spent 2 weeks in Dallas, and had the chance to spend some significant time with my friends Mark & Aubin Petersen, who, like me, had realised the great tragedy of how the churches treat gays, lesbians, and trans-genders.  Their “sin” was to reach out and try to bring God’s love to the gay community.  Of course the community reaction in America is a bit more stout, as they are all armed, and being gay in America can get you shot, especially in the “progressive” state of Texas.

As a result of it all, I’ve managed to spend a lot of time with two of America’s top academics on the subject, and had a chance to digest quite a bit of the literature.  The real problem for us as we consider gay marriage, is that we have somehow made it a referendum on homosexuality, and that just doesn’t work in a modern democracy.  I’ve read most of what has been said on both sides, and am quite shocked and appalled at the way those who call themselves Christians conduct themselves:

1-If those in the church think homosexuality is wrong, then why aren’t they reaching out to homosexuals?  And why don’t they fill the front row of each and every church?  Christianity is for the broken and damaged, if you think that homosexuals are broken and damaged, then put your “money where your mouth is” and reach  out to them…

2-Jesus set a pretty good standard on the concept of sexual sin when, with the prostitute, he called for the Scribes and Pharisees who were “without sin” to throw the first stone.  So we know that no sins were thrown…  During his 3 and a half years of ministry, Jesus covered most of the important issue of life and how to live it.  The total number of words that Jesus uttered about homosexuality?  Zero, that’s right zero…

3-The conservatives, including me, knew from the very beginning of this current government that one of the agreements that the conservatives made with the lib dems was to push through gay marriage.  Any other claim is disingenuous in the extreme.  Maybe is was a “deal with the Devil”, but we all made it, and it is time to pay the piper…

4-Homosexuality has been accepted by the world we live in and the government we elected.  They have the right to form civil partnerships, which in reality is just short of marriage.  There is no point trying to make this thing about the legitimising of homosexuality, we all already did that quite a long time ago.

5-We finally have had one of our politicians put forward the real truth of how several Tories feel.  Lavinia Seely did an interview with Paul Deach on the Surrey Heath Residents Network  two days ago that is too appalling for words.  She told Paul how she wanted equal treatment for gays whilst simultaneously maligning them in the extreme.  Ms. Seely skated pretty close to the edge on endorsing hate of all gays, you’ll have to decide for yourselves, but I certainly was not feeling the love.  The whole thing was reprinted in this morning’s Daily Mail, see for yourselves…

Ms Seely has dishonoured and disrespected all that Conservatives stand for, and the worst part is that she is the Conservative Leader of Surrey County Council.  Her comments are so outrageous, that she must step down as a County Councillor, there is no alternative…  Her threat to get Michael Gove de-selected is too crazy for consideration.  We need clear thinkers, not raving hating lunatics at the head of Surrey County Council.  Lavinia, do us a favour and just go away…  Christians, it is time to feel the love, not the hate…

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