Snowballs are the answer…

So, Britain is having a right thrashing this weekend from the weather.  Yesterday when it started, it wasn’t actually all that cold, didn’t seem that it would stick or cause too much of a problem.  After all, they get an inch of snow here and the whole country stops, and that happens 3-4 times a year.  Anyway, yesterday it just kept coming, and then the temperature actually started dropping, uh-oh…  By the middle of the afternoon we had a full blown blizzard going…

The Yank is actually from real-live blizzard country, the Boston area, so he’s had a bit of experience with this sort of thing.  Blizzards where he’s from can be as common as sunrises, and they’re usually hoping for the temperature to go up to 10 below zero before Easter.  So, by the afternoon, all the schools had shut early, and the entire population of school-aged kids were on the street.  Now, for most parents that is just not a very good situation.  Kids out of school unsupervised for 5 hours, plunging around in the white stuff (and dragging it into the house)…  Actually the plunging around the white stuff isn’t so bad, but before the temperature started diving, the white stuff easily rolled up into snowballs.  And what then?  Well they of course have to be thrown…

We pretty much had  street long non-stop snowball fight yesterday afternoon.  Incredibly good natured, and great fun…  Of course we all had to eventually get shaken down and cleaned off by our “mommies”, and fed lashings of hot chocolate.  So, after the hot chocolate, I was thinking, what a good way to solve political issues, a down home snowball fight…  So, instead of a council meeting on Tuesday to decide council taxes, we could go out into the front garden and have a damn good thrash with snowballs.  And then we could all go up to the members room and have hot chocolate…  Of course there are no winners in snowball fights, just like real politics, but we certainly would have a much better time…

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