Councillor Camp

Spent the day Saturday in London with my mates Paul Deach and Bill Chapman at the first annual Councillor Camp. An Initiative by FutureGov to get Councillors engaging in Social Media, it was held at the FaceBook London HQ, which was very cool. The first thing I have gotten to do as a councillor that was genuinely cool, I was sure something would happen eventually… It was in Coventry Garden, so no camp fires or singing…

It was for all the parties, but the Conservatives represented only about a quarter of the people there. The rest were split pretty evenly between the other two parties. It was very cool to see how everyone worked together in the afternoon sessions. It was one of the first un-conferences I have ever been to. Talks in the morning from some of the FaceBook public policy people, and a Media Director from the Obama campaign. They seriously understood social media…

Breakout sessions in the afternoon were on topics the group chose and were completely open forums. Got 2 big things out of it: Skype surgeries, and blogging on why I voted on what I voted on. So, there will be some pretty regular content here on the matters.  Here’s the video of the day:

An election for Council Councillors in a short 4 months, the social media people will win, everyone else will get the dinosaur biscuits…

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