Farnham Castle Boondogle, so 1980’s…

So, by now everyone knows that the Surrey County Council top management and top County Councillor portfolio members went on this “away day” bonding session at the Farnham Castle at a cost to the taxpayer of over £4,000.  I hope that included the price of the dinosaur biscuits…  And now they’ve received the requisite slapping by the people and press for wasting our money.  I’ve been there once to a meeting, and it was pretty cool, but not for £4,000…  Like everyone else, at a time when expenses continue to climb and all the “little people” are being squeezed more every day, it just looks bad…

It looks as bad to me as it does to everyone else, but for a different reason than I have heard or seen from anyone else so far.  It looks bad to me, because I can’t for the life of me I can’t understand why the top management of anything in the Public Sector would need an “away day”???  These sort of corporate perks emerged in the 1980’s when people were trying to figure out how to communicate better.  PCs had only just come onto the market, and my first mobile was larger and more expensive than my first car, a Volkswagen Beetle.  I’ve had to sit through dozens of them myself, but today? 2013???  Yes, most of them are technology & communication dinosaurs, but why would that be any of our faults???  Two of our local dinosaurs have grasped the technology of communication with wild abandon: Bill Chapman and Denis Fuller (neither of whom were present at the money wasting deed).  Do you see them whinging or moaning or needing an “away day”?  Never…

Today, where we have smartphones, tablets, and the most amazing PCs ever.  I am on email, FaceTime and Skype most of the day communicating with people for my job, with my Frimley Green constituents, with my Council colleagues, and with my friends.  So how is it that these guys need some special “away day” to communicate better???  At any price???  They’ve all recently been issued with iPads, so they can all FaceTime together.  There should be some sort of technology test to be a County Councillor portfolio holder or senior manager at Surrey County Council.  These girly dinosaurs need to either get with the programme or do us a favour and get out to pasture.

Hello, it’s 2013, not 1983, smell the coffee…

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