Oh no, the holiday is almost over…

This last 2 weeks has been the best ever, no travelling, no work, no blogging, no nothing…  Not sure why, but this has been one of the best breaks ever…  2013 is shaping up to be nothing but great…

Did learn one thing: that now you can campaign for local elections in the UK more than 6 weeks before the election date.  When I first was campaigning a year and a half ago, I made the outrageous Yank mistake of knocking on doors 6 weeks and 1 day before the start of the election.  I called on one of my residents who turned out to be an election commissioner for the County of Berkshire who put the “fear of God in me” for campaigning early.  She “noticed” the accent and let me off.  Just took it for granted that she was the resident authority on the matter. sometimes being perceived as a dumb Yank is good…

So, had my understanding corrected by the guys at the Left of Lightwater site who steered me to the actual election rules, thanks Chris…  So, it turns out that Rich-ey isn’t breaking the law.  Still insane, but for the record, not law-breaking insane (huge difference)…  Have a laugh at yourselves this year, life’s too short to take it too seriously…

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