Rich-ey Running alReady???

So, one of the slag-off sisters has announced he is running for Surrey County Council and announced that he wants your vote on the 2nd May 2013.  Now that’s pretty interesting…  First because there are quite a few conventions on not campaigning until 6 weeks before the date of the election.  Now the Yank is not the brightest spark in the box, but even he knows that Christmas is more than 6 weeks before the election on May 2nd.  Does he care about the conventions?  Clearly not…  I sense a call from one of the County’s men in white coats in his future…  And where is the leader, the rubber duck in all this?  Surely he knows the conventions???

Second it is interesting because he just ran for Parish Councillor in that same area and pulled a stunning 19% of the votes.  19% and he is still running anyway???  Freud said that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and believing for a different result.  So, Rich-ey wants you all to know that he doesn’t care about the conventions, and he’s insane.  Magic combination… I understand he is a junior captain for British Airways, so he gets to spend his few working days a month watching the real captain take the plane off and land it.  Does BA know they’ve hired a convention breaking lunatic?  Well only they know the answer to that one, but certainly he is sending a pretty clear message to the voters of Surrey Heath.  Merry Christmas girls…

Oh, and thanks for the material, I couldn’t do it without you…

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