Slag-Off Sisters did a very bad imitation of themselves last night…

So, at the planning meeting last night, the slag-off sisters made an embarrassment of themselves, especially Rich-ey.  So, he came to support the application for the Dance Studio in Lightwater, one or our villages in our Borough of Surrey Heath.  He just stood for a Parish Councillor position there and the voters gave him less than 20% of their votes, despite the fact that he is an ardent Labour activist that (as a national party) enjoys over 40% voter support.  He seemed sure that the evil Tory Council would turn down the dance studio, so he came loaded to give it to them…  What he didn’t bank on was that some of his beloved Labour voters would be the ones to object to the planning application. Oh no, what to do???  Call the rubber duck, he’s the man, surely he’ll know…  So, then he suddenly wasn’t speaking, imagine that…  He wasn’t even heckling.  Slightest hint of conflict and he’s legging it…  Truth is we weren’t sure about the traffic issues, so the matter was deferred and delegated, but the girls obviously don’t know what that means…  We want to support it, but sometimes the “i’s” need to dotted and the “t’s” need to be crossed, which I am sure they will be attended to in due course.

It was me who brought up the “change of use” planning issue. But they couldn’t see how big an issue that is, they were too busy trying to dissect anything that any Tory had to say that could be slagged off.  After the meeting several of my colleagues wanted me to dive into the twitter fray, but I could not be bothered.  After a long day in London, the last thing I wanted to be bothered with was that lot, they’ll soon disappear anyway…

What I did really think was funny was the slagging I got from the girls for being 15 minutes late.  Had they themselves not been late they would have heard the Chairman convey my regrets from being caught on a delayed train from Waterloo.  But then they have obviously never been delayed on public transport, probably because they don’t use it.  Let’s hope the rubber duck can sort them out, maybe he to is tired of them…

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