How could you possibly even attempt to justify the US gun laws???

My countrymen have suffered an unspeakable tragedy yesterday morning. This 20 year old, suffering from the angst of his very broken family took some very sophisticated guns and killed his brother and then drove 100 miles to do away with his mother and in the process 25 other kids and their teachers.  I grew up less than 100 miles from there in the neighbouring state of Rhode Island, and I didn’t like my father or mother much either as a kid, but I never took out a gun on them. This sort of savage killing can only be put down to the simple availability of guns for the American public.

When I lived in San Diego (the other side of the colonies), 20 years ago, a good friend won an Emmy for doing a video documentary on how it was quicker to buy an Uzi than a gallon of milk. The real issue is that in the last 50 years we have all become a lot wealthier, but we certainly have not become a lot wiser or happier, and our lives are not any better off.  The unhappiness quotient is m awful lot worse than it was 50 years ago, and it is not getting any better… When you add in the availability of simple intellectual weapons, you have a very bad combination. To kill someone with a gun it is a simple pull of the finger. Any other means requires serious effort and means you have to physically overpower your victim, not likely for the most part in our obese society today.

Do we have guns in the UK? Sure, but not many and you have to be pretty well connected at the criminal level to get one. A tiny unmeasureable fraction of the US. We do pay a price for that, we have road rage which they don’t have in the US. You can scream and shout all you want here, but you wouldn’t dare over there, the next guy might pull out a howitzer and vaporise you. And all completely legally…

What to do? First pray for the families. Second, send an email to President Obama, go to:  Stop this senseless killing.

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