So, we need to start looking at all the fuss about Gay Marriage-Part 1

So, we are about to see how it is that the Government forces on us something that they had to do to get themselves into power.  The issue of Gay Marriage was one of the 3 real “deals with the devil” that we Conservatives had to do to broker the coalition with the Lib Dems two and a half years ago… So, the first two, putting the Alternative Vote to a referendum of the people and House of Lords reforms were a “no brainer”.  No one could understand the Alternative Vote, and no one cared about the House of Lords reform.  General view is that they were just pile of old fat white rich guys most of whom were  senile and taking the tipple most of the time…  Almost no one who is a sitting Lord ever says anything that anyone cares about…

However, being gay is a totally different story…  There is not much more fiery an issue out there right now. Bizarrely, I have some personal experience in this…  I married my High School sweetheart several years ago, after her husband of 27 years, another of our High School gang in the Colonies, came out of the closet…  He and his husband now live in London (Ohio), so they both got their wishes: to marry and live in London, strange how things work out…

The amazing thing is that this issue is pretty big in the Colonies now too, and they have escalated it to the US Supreme Court.  So the US is trying to solve the issue legally, and we are trying to solve the issue politically, not sure who will win… The one benefit of approaching the whole thing legally, especially at the Supreme Court level is that whatever they decide, there is no appeal from it. It’s all  in secret, and all you have at the end is the judgment.  But not us, we’ve decided that the US presidential election was so entertaining that we’ve decided that we’ll approach this thing with the great passionate slag-off that we had to put up with from the Colonials for 2 years.

The whole issue has now been catapulted to the forefront of all news items with Mayor Boris joining with our MP Michael Gove to push it forward. For all you Cretans who know nothing of British Politics, which is I suppose most of Britain, this seriously complicates things. Michael Gove is a great guy, he is the one (along with my mate Denis Fuller) who actually got me into politics.  Now, not only is he our MP, he is now the Secretary of State for Education, and quite an important guy.  That being said he still usually comes out here to Surrey once a week, and I usually get to have breakfast with him once a month.  6 months ago, over breakfast I asked him why he would champion gay marriage when so many in the UK were against gay marriage…

What I got back was a combination of “the deal was the deal” (with the Lib Dems), and the issue of human rights from the our own court system and the EU.  So, as far as the leadership from number 10 Downing St is concerned, they signed up to the deal and they are doing it…  That being said, the British Public is saying “not so fast sunshine”…  So, we will have to very carefully dissect truth from fiction and make the right decision that everyone can live with for a very long time in the future…

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