Can the slag-off sisters ever say anything positive???

One of the downsides of being connected on a lot of social media is you have to slog through the Labour slag-off of all things Conservative.  Even if only marginally related.  After awhile, it seems that all they know how to do is slag off anything that happens in the real world.  When they ran the government, all they did was spend money to try to fix anything that they decided was broken. And all we ended up with was a vast out-of-control bureaucracy that did nothing and has practically bankrupted us as a country…

However, Chris-ey, and Rich-ey are taking auditions for their little choir, so if you want to be a slag-off sister, just go to Windelsham and walk around.  If you take off your headphones you will soon hear their incessant whine, and then just head towards it. If you have your whining skills properly honed and you can sing off key, you might just be their man (or woman as the case may be)…  I was just passing through today and heard their latest whine about a local doctors surgery that very temporarily ran out of flu jabs.  You would have thought the NHS just collapsed. But no, just another slag-off whine…  Looks like we will live another day…

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