Where oh where is our Red King?

So, the counting is over, and our Red King has lost the Lightwater Parish by-election by 265 votes; how can this be?  Our Red King saved the NHS, sorted our roads out, and restored the confidence in our government and our banks.  So what is wrong with you citizens of Lightwater?  Couldn’t you see this man for who he is? He rescued us…  Or didn’t you think we needed rescuing??? Lightwater was just voted one of the top places to live in the UK and Europe, just imagine how they reached that level without the Red King, impossible to fathom…

So, Richey boy, crawl back to the rock you crawled out from in Windelsham.  I’m sure there will be another Tesco’s for you to protest against somewhere at some point.  Just like the real Labour Politicians we all know what you are against, but no one (including all of Lightwater)  has any idea what you stand for.  So, next time, tell us what you do want to do, not what you don’t want, no one cares…

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