To Mow the Mo or not to Mow

So there is a crisis in the Allen Household, to Mow the Mo, or not to Mow the Mo.  The problem with being a bloke is that whenever you try to hide something from the misses, she finds out…  Well, the Mo is getting pretty hard to hide.  When I first had it and looked like an albino walrus with milk spilled on my upper lip, she would just randomly toss a serviette at me telling me to wipe the mess off.  Well, even she eventually noticed that it wasn’t wiping off.  And then it grew into the real thing, nightmare…  Like every Mo-man’s woman on the planet, she’d been counting down the hours until midnight last night to get out the razor for the morning attack on the Mo.  So, I got up at O-Dark-Hundred this morning to take the dogs for an extra long run.  But now the store is going to close and I have to go back and face the music…

What do I do???  I can’t hide it any more…  Looks like no more Mo no more…

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