So Who let the Alternative Vote Back In???

So, I must be confused, didn’t we just work hard to defeat the Alternative Vote??? So when I voted on Thursday, I received a ballot from the polling station people, yes the ones who were all parked on their iPods. To my astonishment, there were 6 candidates, and two columns on the ballot. The one who put her iPod down told me that I could make a first and second choice. When I said what??? She looked at me as if I were insane, and said that I had a first and second choice, and that I should make a second choice. When I told her I only wanted one choice she told me I had to choose 2 people. When she saw that I was a councillor she was even more irritated with me, as if to say I must be barking mad and must have been asleep during that meeting…

Well, those two things are entirely possible, but did anyone else miss the boat here? First of all, hardly anyone voted, just over 15%, and this was the first time we have had a multiple choice test. I prefer the essay tests, but this was well confusing. The polling station people were not sure what would happen if you only made one choice. So if I’m confused, what about everyone else??? Every single person I spoke to did not get what was going on…

In Surrey Heath, Julie Iles got the most votes, those votes called “first choice” votes. Forgive me, but I thought we campaigned for those being the only ones who mattered… Julie, don’t lay down on this, go after these deceptive idiots that made this happen.

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