Just in time for voting day…

So, we finally have a recognisable, touchable, kissable, certifiable moustache and now we don’t look like an albino whale with milk spilt on his upper lip…  And all this just in time for the vote for the Police Commissioner.  It would have been too scary to take out in public to a polling station had it not filled in properly.  Bad form as a councillor to scare the locals into heart failure.  Turns out that didn’t mater as when I went up to vote at about 2:30, there was not one person there, hope this isn’t a sign of the total turnout.  The only time I have been to vote anywhere where the 3 clerks were all so bored they all had iPods out, they couldn’t agree on the music. When they saw it was me they scrambled to put them away, afraid I met tell the marm.

There were 6 guys on the ballot, which is I think more than the total number of people who even voted in Frimley today.  You can just see the winner bragging “hey aren’t I great, I got 3 of the 5 votes cast…”  Of course this could bring in the new standard for voting: “how good is your moustache?”  You can just see Barak and Mitt up there comparing moustaches…  Elections around the world (at least the known world of the US and UK) are held in November.  And if you can only start the 6 weeks before, then that’s plenty of time, unless of course you’re a woman (with the exception of my Aunties).  Of course we could have an alternate competition for the women: leg-hair growing…  So, then it is about how good a moustache you can grow, not how good a speaker you are, or how good you are about slagging off the other guys…  And then we also raise a lot of money for the old geezers to keep their kit… Mahvelllousss…

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