Knowing what you do want to do???

I was contacted by one of my colleagues this morning who conveyed that they thought I walked “too close to the line” in my blog here…  But they weren’t really sure what they meant by that.  There is (apparently) a great concern that I might walk “too close to the line” of criticising people who need criticising…  Hmmm…  I worry for some of our politicians, as many know very clearly what they don’t want to do, but they have no idea what they do want to do…  Seems that is a problem across the board, not just here, but across the world and in quite a few languages.  The global logarithmic increase in data about issues, and its use in social media has massively amplified the problem.  Now people can know what you don’t want to do at lightspeed.  Unfortunately, most of politics dumbs itself down to fighting against things rather than for things, but I guess most of the people most of the time are clear about what they are against rather than what they are for.

In my home country they have just had an election, and the problem for the conservatives there (as they are, and if you want to call them conservatives), is all they talked about is what they were against, nothing much about what they were actually for.  In the last presidential debate, all Romney did was talk about all the things he agreed with that the President has done for the last 4 years.  He actually had nothing he stood for that was different from the president, except on the most trivial of issues, and lost the election for many Americans when he flogged this dead horse as to whether the President said that the US Embassy in Libya attack was an “Act of Terror” or not that next day.  After about the 10th time on the night, the moderator stepped in and told him to stop acting like a child.  His plan for creating 12 million new jobs was proved by the NY Times to be something that was going to happen whether he showed up or not, and regardless of who won.  At the end of the day, as I said yesterday, it is about what is best for the residents.

One of the things that the increase in data (and social media) has done for us has been to get the facts “on the table” at lightspeed.  And where there are issues to get them clarified in seconds or minutes, not weeks.  So if you stick your foot in your mouth, you get assistance in merely moments at removing it, whether or not you want it, and often from far flung corners of the earth…  So, politicians who specialise in fear, uncertainty, and doubt, need to pack up for retirement.  I have spent my life in the high-tech business, and Fear and Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) used to be the key sales tactic of IBM in the 70’s and 80’s.  Most of the ex-IBMers I know from that era cannot shake themselves of this.  When they bring it into politics it is particularly attractive-not…  For IBM, they finally realised that this wasn’t working when they looked at Apple’s financial statements and realised that Apple could buy them with the change in their left pockets.  Pretty sobering when you used to be the biggest company in the world by some pretty big numbers…

All of us in the 3 main parties have the opportunity in the next 6 months before the County elections to talk about what we do want to do.  If you know what you don’t want to do, but don’t know what you do want to do, then do the public a big favour, retire and defer to someone who does…  The Conservative Ideal is about what we want to do, not what we don’t want to do…

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