Can the old guard roll over?

So, tonight we meet to discuss the issues of “getting along”…  Got an email from our councillor friends this morning who talked about the two criteria for us: doing the best job for the residents and having respect for each other.  So, what do you do when councillors demonstrate complete contempt for the voters and the other councillors?  What they do around the world, wait for the next election and vote them out…  Apparently some think that they are “above” the tasks of getting their hands dirty to do the work of the work for the voters…

So, what makes you a member of the “old guard”???  When I was asked to stand for the council, my old friend Denis Fuller told me that you could put a blue rosette on my Labrador Murphy in some areas and he’d get elected.  The more I am around the more I see that this is true, or at least was true for several decades.  And now thanks to all the 3 main forms of social media, it is making a rapid change.  It is pretty clear to see that this will impact all of the future elections in a big way going forward from here.  So, the county elections will be dominated by it, and then the general election in 2014, and then the council elections in 2015.

The great thing about social media, is that requires you to get up close and personal with your voters, and if you don’t’ want to do that, then you wont be here.  So no real need to get my knickers in a twist, just be patient; like they said in the line from the movie Madagascar: “smile and wave boys, just smile and wave…”

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