So Who Won???

So, the bigger question is not who won, but who lost in the US this morning???  As one commentator I saw on Sky this morning said: Romney just ran out of white people to vote for him…  America is more racially divided today than ever.  73% of Latinos and 93% of Blacks voted against him.  All of my life growing up in America, there have been thousands of programmes to redress the racial divide, from school bussing, to all sorts of goverment entitlement plans.  And what have they accomplished?  That’s right, the square root of zero…  Government cannot change the way people think, despite what they themselves think, it’s just not happening.  Not here, not there, not nowhere.

No matter what Americans tell you, they are a lot better off than they were 50 years ago, so why do they hold onto their base hatred and distrust of the other races?  Who knows, the answer to that is above my “pay grade”…  But what I do know is that most of the country is like a bunch of “Lewis Hamiltons”, ungrateful little bast**ds…  Minimum wage in America entitles you to live like a King in most of the rest of the world, and a big part of Europe.  Most of Spain would break your arm for minimum wage job.  So, why don’t we all hate each other like the Americans do?  Well maybe, just maybe it’s not about the money.  Maybe we have figured out here that we are leaving this world with exactly what we arrived with, nothing.  Could someone please tell my countrymen this?  Maybe there is some hope for them…

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