The Lies Have It…

So after all this time the Yank has refrained from commenting on the US elections, but too many people want to know what he’s thinking… First to all those who think I’m thinking, thank you for the generous compliment, Janet will tell you that doesn’t happen very often… But anyway, I nicked this phrase from one of my countrymen reporting on the status of the election last week. So it turns out the primary criteria for people deciding who to vote for is establishing who is lying least. They’ve now given up on any hope of the truth, and now only care about who is lying less than the other guy. I had to love at the second debate when Romney talked about creating 12 Million new jobs, and the next day the NY Times pointed out that on the current course, the economy would produce 12 Million new jobs whether any of them showed up or not…

So maybe best if none of them showed up at all. The really troubling problem is of course what happens there happens here in 2 years time, unless of course you’re the Beatles… So now there is an entirely new job market for lapdogs who do nothing except follow politicians around and attempt to discern the truth, or at least who is the least conspicuous liar. So just think what we have to look forward to? The part about not showing up at is already here, stay tuned…


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