Movember Madness Ground Zero

So here it is, ground zero for Movember Madness, the 30 day moustache growing competition for all you blokes (and a handful of my Aunties) to raise money for that male hush-hush Cancer of the Prostate. Keeping your kit past 50 is not exactly a popular topic, certainly not something on the agenda at any council meetings…

So, a great time to get the topic right out there in the open, and do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time: grow that moustache you used to have “in the day”… As with so many things you had “in the day”, like that bit of fold in your front pocket, good to re-visit it now that you have to be a respectable member of the community… At least some of the time anyway…

No matter where you are in the world, you can get to one of the Movember sites, so go to Google, type in Movember, and sign up. If you want to join a team to raise money, go to “the big dogs” and join me. I’ll be posting my progress once a week, more often would be just to scary. “In the day”, I used to have a big brown/blond bush, now it will probably be pathetic and gray, but you have to give it a go… Anyway, sign up and get growing…


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