Is your Councillor coming to work today???

Is your Councillor coming to work today???

Seems that some Councillors take for granted their positions, and display incredible contempt and total disrespect towards the voters and taxpayers of Surrey Heath when they don’t do the work of the work they were elected to do… Thankfully one of our leaders last week reminded us that when you are elected by the residents of Surrey Heath, you are required to:

1-go to every full council meeting or send your apologies
2-go to every committee meeting, if you can’t be there then either get a replacement or send your apologies
3-go to any and every external committee you are on or send your apologies
4-go to every “group” meeting or send your apologies

It is time for the voters to get a full report on the attendance record of those who they have elected to represent them. Write your councillor (both Borough and County), and tell them you want to know if they came to work today… Even more, tell them you’d like to know their attendance record since the election in May 2011…

2 Replies to “Is your Councillor coming to work today???”

  1. Some of your suggestions could make it a personal ‘challenge’ beween the voter and the councillor. It would be better to depersonalise the issue by producing a single attendance list for all councillors. (This would also enable a ‘below average’ councillor to be identified and encouraged to do better.) But, in principle, your proposals are a very good idea.

    Of course, it won’t reveal if a councillor turns up at a meeting but then devotes the time to his smart phone rather than participating in the discussion and decisions. (The idea of a councillor tweeting during a meeting is appalling; whoever proposed it needs to think again.)


  2. Attendance lists of all Councillors both Surrey Heath and Surrey County Council
    are already produced annually. I totally agree that whilst Cllrs are attending a meeting, any meeting, they should not be using any type of Social Media and should be giving 100%
    attention to what is being is discussed. It is also very disrespectful to others around them.
    I can see that at sometime in the near future rules will come out on this.
    We already have a rule about mobile ‘phones ringing and a small fine being paid in the Council Chamber if this occurs.


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