Social Listening, because that’s where the money is…

Long ago in the Wild Wild West of my  homeland, one of my countrymen, Jesse James made a long career of robbing banks.  Like all bankers, he eventually got caught, and like all bankers professed his innocence until right before the end at the hangman’s noose.  Just before that fatal moment, they asked him: Jesse, why do you rob banks???  And without hesitation said, “because that’s where the money is”…

Well, it’s pretty much like that with Social Media, except that it’s all in the Social Listening.  You can tweet and post until the cows come home, but if you have nothing interesting to say then the only thing you will have to show for all that effort is the odoriferous material passing out of the back end of that cow…   Whilst unpleasant, it leaves your shoes in a right state.  Which is the case often in politics, but that is a subject for another day…

Most of my political colleagues think that being involved in Social Media means they have to engage in Tweeting and Face-booking, which is a definitely a part of it.  But they need to understand that the biggest part of being heard is having something to say.  And having something to say starts with being able to hear what is already being said.  Then it’s picking an area that you actually know something about and diving in.  I see hundreds of tweets and postings every day where the amount of odoriferous material trying to pass as content is really quite shocking.  The web is pretty harsh, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you will get smoked out quickly…  So, if you are afraid to get started because you know in your heart that you really don’t’ have anything interesting to say, then follow your instincts and don’t…

That being said, you will need to get with “the programme” pretty quickly, because that’s where the money is.  Truth is you are an interesting person, and you do have something interesting to say, so get moving and dig into yourself and find out what it is and get cracking on it.

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