Working Together…

At our planning meeting this week we saw something that you don’t often see, opposing groups working together, and it was really excellent.  In Choham there is a former shop that has been acquired by Tesco’s for one of their new generation of small stores.  As they weren’t asking for a “change of use” for the shop, they, by all rights could have just moved in and given the traditional 2 finger salute to the local residents.  Most of the village of Chobham objected to it, and most of them showed up in June when it was first heard.  There was a long trail of obectors who exercised all their rights to free speech, but in the end the Tesco people were convinced to deal in good faith with the local residents about their concerns.

So, they all came back Wednesday night and we had a very productive time.  It is going in, with lots of restrictions, it isn’t (as far as we know) going to any expensive appeal, and all are going away happy, or at least as happy as they could be…  Sometimes it is a long and grinding process, but this one worked out really well for all, well done people of Chobham…

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