Mahvellouss Moira…

We spend our share of time poking fun at some of the dough-heads in politics here in the UK, but one of the brightest shining lights is the Leader of the Council, Moira Gibson.  It seems that the most important skill for a leader of any Borough Council in the UK is that of being able to herd cats.  Especially when you have such a large political majority.  Moira has served the council for a lot of years, and makes an absolute pittance for her efforts.  Sure she works all the hours God sends, but as one of the most brillant cat-herders in the Political scene, she has the most impact of anyone.  She has now saved me from myself more times than I can count, and next to my wife Janet, has had the most impact on me in the last 18 months of being a councillor.  Absolutely no one told me just how different the Political system here is from the land of the Yanks, but being the quick study that I am, it has taken me roughly twice as long as the “normal” councillors to get to grips with it.  Moira has patiently waited through all of it, and I am very thankful for it…

When the council standards committee decided to have a bark at me last spring about the cockroach affair, she was right there by my side.  She didn’t really care that the whole thing was pretty much made up of other Tory Councillors, she was just focused on doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences.  You don’t see too much of that in politics, from any of the three parties these days.  Through the entire appeals process she was right there, mostly helping me save me from myself.  At the end, it was a landmark precedent-setting judgment from the High Court, but it is due to Moira that I was able to construct the arguments and deliver them…

Too bad there was an immediate successor to Andrew Mitchell, she would make an excellent Whip in the House of Commons…  I can only hope that my fellow councillors recognise just how valuable she is and give her the respect she so totally deserves…

One Reply to “Mahvellouss Moira…”

  1. So agree as a new councillor I have turned to Moira for answers and have been so impressed by her unwavering commitment to do the best for the council we are lucky to have her.


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