The awful truth

Last time, I spent a lot of time commenting on the angst of Social Media. It is amazing how much change has come about in the hiring process by LinkedIn. It is incredibly easy to check someone out and their background on LinkedIn, but amazingly, some people take the piss with impunity. Take my ex, Meg Allen. She lists on her CV that she has an MBA from Ohio State University in the US, quite a prestigious institution. The Business School at Ohio State is called the Fisher School of Business, and they have never heard of her. So even with all the information at people’s finger tips, they still miss it. So the people who take the piss will still take the piss…

So, moving on from LinkedIn to things like Twitter and Face book is really dangerous for the normal person. Why? Because most people can’t bear the thought of lots of people finding out what they really think, on a wide range of issues. Are any of the “old guard” going to risk it? Doubtful, probably there’s a possibility for 10-20% of them making the change, but not more… So should we bother trying? Of course…

What will be the result? A whole new generation of politicians, ones who be permanently connected regardless of their status of office. More engaged? That’s not the half of it. The other half, stay tuned…

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