The Angst of Social Media

We are about six months from the next real election. For us here in Surrey it is for all of our County Councillors. For all you Yanks, we have only 3 tiers of government here, as opposed to your 13, so elections are quite special. We of course want to win, but not with the sort of thermonuclear scorched earth policy across the pond… But like you, Social Media has taken over our worlds.

The media is now saying that as the summer Olympics were the first “mobile enabled” social media Olympics, so the next election will be the first truly “mobile enabled” social media elections in the UK. So the question of many of our Councillors when faced with the seemingly complicated social media world is why would I??? In simple terms, if you don’t, you aren’t…

Now what could that Yank possibly mean by that??? Seemples (like the meerkat commercial): if you don’t, you won’t exist. Turns out that LinkedIn has completely revolutionised hiring and engagement in all parts of the commercial and political worlds. Why, because it makes it so simple to check people out. No need to hire a private investigator to find out about someone, just go to, it’s all right there…

A very short time ago in real terms, we could identify people by the awards they received and the letters behind their names. Now, no one cares. Ever since a bunch of Yanks packed in University 30 years ago and started a bunch of companies like Microsoft, Apple, and the rest, technology has come to rule the world. Of course the same phenomenon happened here too… But even more shocking are the developments of the last year, what we’ve now seen in the last year is:

1-Internet search has gone from 35% on mobiles to 65%, in just 1 year…
2-1,000 new apps for mobiles are launched daily…
3-smartphone penetration to those under 30 is nearing 100%, overall it is nearing 80% in the UK, almost every one of which comes with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn already installed.

So, if you want to be part of the political system, it isn’t a question of “if”, only when and how much…

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