Boo Hoo My Little Cockroachy…

Boo Hoo my little Cockroachy friend, face it, you just lost.  So now I can answer you back for the rubbish you have slung at me and my pals for the last year and a half, and you can’t do anything about it…  You poor boy…  What will you do?  Will you have to come out from under the rock where you live and climb into the sunshine?  So the article in the Camberley News on the front page (CambNewsheadline 04.10.12) pretty much says it all, the case against me was crushed like a bug.  It is amazing that you could be dumb enough to say that I wasn’t exonerated, because I was.  And it was no technicality, it was a National Precedent-Setting judgment.  The actual judgment has been published nationally, so go see for yourself.  You say that Democracy is harmed?  Hardly…  You want to have free speech, but you certainly don’t want anyone else to…

So, why don’t you go to your left wing buddies at the “Leftie of Lightwater Blog?”  Oh that’s right you were banned from there… So why don’t  you go to the Surrey Heath Residents Network?  Oh that’s right you’ve been banned from there too…  So why don’t you do a blast on Twitter?  Oh that’s right you had only 2 followers on Twitter when I last checked, the other 42 people banned you…  Oh sorry, looks like Twitter shut you down entirely…

Do us all a favour, crawl back to Windsor…

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